Ren McCormack -  A teenage boy from Chicago  

Ethel McCormack - His mother  

Reverend Shaw Moore - The minister of Bomont  

Vi Moore - His wife  

Ariel Moore - Their daughter  

Lulu Warnicker - Ren's aunt  

Wes Warnicker - Her husband  

Coach Rita Dunbar - The high school gym teacher  

Eleanor Dunbar – Her sister  

Rusty - Ariel's best friend
Urleen - Ariel's friend
Wendy Jo - Ariel's friend  
Chuck Cranston - Ariel's boyfriend
Lyle - Chuck's buddy
Travis - Chuck's buddy
A Cop
Betty Blast - owner of the Burger Blast
Willard Hewitt - Ren's friend, a country boy
Principal Harriet Clark - Principal of the high school
Jeter - Ren's friend
Bickle - Ren's friend
Garvin - Ren's friend
Cowboy Bob - A cowboy in a country western dance hall


Footloose / On Any Sunday - Ren, Ethel, Shaw, Vi, Ariel & Company

The Girl Gets Around -
Chuck, Ariel, Travis, Lyle

I Can’t Stand Still - Ren

Somebody's Eyes -
Rusty, Urleen, Wendy-Jo

Learning to be Silent - Vi, Ethel, Ariel

Holding Out For a Hero - Ariel, Rusty, Wendy-Jo, Urleen

Heaven Help Me - Shaw

I'm Free / Heaven Help Me -
Ren, Shaw & Company

Still Rockin’ – Cowboy Bob and his Band

Let's Hear It for the Boy – Rusty & Company

Can You Find It in Your Heart? – Vi

Dancing Is Not a Crime -

Mama Says (You Can't Back Down) -
Willard, Bickle, Garvin, Jeter, Ren

Almost Paradise -
Ren, Ariel

Heaven Help Me (Reprise) – Shaw

Can You Find It In Your Heart (Reprise) – Shaw

Footloose - Company