Summer Holiday Cast List

The Boys
Don – Robbie Fell
Edwin – Jack Watling
Cyril – Conor Dowers
Steve – Lewis Ulla-Thomas

The Girls
Barbara – Kathryn Tindall
Angie – Emelia Hutchinson
Mimsie – Ruth Draper
Alma – Fran Dowers

The Adults
Stella – Hannah Macey
Jerry – George Roberts

The Other Characters
“Lei Vuole Ballare” Singers – Eliza Deakin, Kimberley Antoinette and Carla Hawkins
“Constantly” Backing Singers – Katie Allman, Annabel Deakin and Asfa Hussan
Winnifred (café owner) – Ghaydaa Hussan
Sandra (waitress) – Louisa Higham
Dee (waitress) – Charlotte Coles
Malcolm (mechanic) – Tommy Rotton
Marjorie (cleaner) – Chloe Mobley
French Joggers – Niamh Evan Jones and Amy Lloyd
Announcer – Daisy Locke
Floor Manager – Jodie Pond
Make-Up Lady – Lauren Watson
Wardrobe Lady – Maddie Locke
Jean D’Arm – Jess Page
WPC – Beth Locke
Winnifred’s Twin – Ghaydaa Hussan
Commander – Tommy Rotton
Guards – Jade Brooker and Zoe Mobbs
Young Bride – Freya Hext
Bridesmaids – Alice Colmer, Holly Rotton, Sydney Sellers and Jasmine Popoola-Adkins
Groom – Jonty Jay
Customs Woman – Scarlett Primrose
Wrightmore (official) – Jonty Jay

Note: All of the cast playing “the other characters” will also be used in the ensemble to portray Customers, Club Dancers, Mechanics, OAP’s, Swiss People, Wedding Guests and Reporters., OAP’s, Swiss People, Wedding Guests and Reporters.