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Loserville is set among American teens in 1971.

The musical is centred around 17 year-old Michael Dork, who is called a nerd, geek and slacker by others. Socially marginalised by the entire school and constantly picked on by Eddie, the coolest boy in school, Michael is desperate to find his ticket outta Loserville. But when stunning new girl Holly arrives, Michael is introduced to a whole new world of cool.

The main character is Michael Dork, a computer nut who dreams of creating a system that enables machines to converse. He is friends with Lucas, a sci-fi fan working on a novel recognisable as a prototype of Star Wars Other pals are less gifted yet every bit as odd and obsessive.

These nerdy young men are thrown into disarray when a girl called Holly materialises, aiding Michael’s efforts but attracting the malign attentions of rich kid Eddie, a hopelessly vain jock who plans to rip off Michael’s ideas. It’s hard to know which is more important: coming up with an invention that will change the whole nature of communication, or simply discovering girls.



Age Range:
12 - 18 year olds

Wykham Hall, Banbury School

23rd July - 31st July 2016


Taster Day: Sunday 17th April
2pm - 5pm

Auditions: Sunday 15th May
1pm - 5pm

Workshop: Sunday 19th June
2pm - 5pm

All workshops will take place at Carrdus School unless